The upcoming intake for our HCA Class is scheduled for November 6 and 11. Additionally, we are now accepting admissions for our Business and Office Administration, Social Service Support Worker, and Addiction Community Support Worker diploma programs


About Westminster College Policies

Westminster College maintains a comprehensive set of policies that ensure a conducive and respectful learning environment for all. These policies encompass academic integrity, code of conduct, diversity and inclusion, and more. Our commitment to transparency and fairness is reflected in these guidelines, fostering a harmonious community where each individual’s rights and responsibilities are upheld. By adhering to these policies, we collectively contribute to a dynamic and enriching educational journey at Westminster College.


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Why Policies are so important?

Policies play a vital role at Westminster College, serving as the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence and inclusivity. These policies outline the standards of behavior, academic integrity, and ethical conduct expected from our students, faculty, and staff. They create a structured framework that ensures a safe, respectful, and conducive environment for learning and personal growth. By adhering to these policies, we uphold the values that define our institution, fostering a community that embraces diversity, promotes fairness, and nurtures academic and personal integrity. These policies empower us to collectively contribute to a positive and enriching educational experience at Westminster College.

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Implementing comprehensive policies at Westminster College holds immense value as they serve as the backbone of our institution’s integrity and ethos. These policies create a harmonious and structured environment where everyone knows the standards of behavior, academic expectations, and ethical guidelines. By adhering to these policies, we ensure fairness, respect, and accountability in all aspects of campus life. This not only cultivates a sense of belonging but also fosters a culture of trust and transparency among students, faculty, and staff. With well-implemented policies, Westminster College stands as a beacon of excellence, nurturing a community that thrives on principles of integrity and mutual respect.