Health Care Assistant and all Diploma Program shall start on September 25, 2023. Class timing is Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.
Approved By PTIB

Social Service Support Worker Diploma


Approved By PTIB

Brief Program Description This diploma program focuses on preparing you to be an effective social services practitioner by acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values needed to provide support to individuals, families, groups, and communities in need and who are seeking support from a variety of available assistance programs and services. This program is intended for people who are looking for a career in community social services. 
NOC Code 4212Social and Community Services Worker 
Career Opportunities Upon completion of the program, graduates can work in the below occupations list: community service worker,crisis intervention worker,developmental service worker,drop-in centre worker,family service worker,group home worker,income maintenance officer – social services,life skills instructor,mental health worker,rehabilitation worker – social services,social services worker
Admission Requirements  High school diploma or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older). Criminal record check. Immunization report. Sobriety Declaration. Any Of the following test is accepted for Domestic Students, however International Students have to Submit either IELTS or Canadian Language Benchmark test with the minimum score given below: Canadian academic language assessment with minimum score of 60, online or test center. TOEFL iBT test with minimum overall score of 86, minimum component score of 20 each at least in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. PTE minimum score 58 IELTS at least 6 band in each module or Canadian Language Benchmark Test level 7. Program Duration 720hours 9 months 36 weeks 

Tuition & Fees

Domestic Students                                International Students       
Tuition: $7,920                                              Tuition: $10,296
Application Fee: $250                                  Application Fee: $295
Text Books: $1,375                                        Text Books: $1,375

                                                                          Assessment Fee: $150

Learning Objectives/Outcomes The Social Services Worker Diploma program prepares graduates for employment positions with social service agencies and organizations, residential programs, homes group, shelters and housing services, community health centers, and family service organizations throughout the private and public sectors, or they may be self-employed.  Students will have an understanding of: Students will learn how to support and monitor the healthcare needs for people in need of medical attention. Student will learn to monitors clients’ well-being. Learning of managing and keeping clint records and other daily documentation work such as Prepare case notes, daily logs, business letters, proposals, complaints Students will learn to provide support for individuals and their families. They will learn proper family assessment and counselling techniques used with those experiencing substance abuse or dependence. Students will gain the knowledge of how to improve the standard of living of those who belongs to community and need help and support to build confidence to get into any career or job. Students will learn how to write cover letter, prepare resume and create an interview atmosphere for clients. The other main objective of social service support worker program is to provide practical support to individuals and families. This is related with their basic needs of living such as managing household work, personal grooming managing budget. 
Student Progress/ Assessment Methods A final grade of 60% is required to pass each course unless otherwise indicated on a course outline. Generally, course assessment consists of quizzes, exams, and project-based assignments. Students will be required to complete 100hrs. of work experience. To qualify for work experience, students are required to maintain a minimum C grade average or higher and a minimum attendance of 85%. 
Attendance Expectations 85% of classes must be attended to achieve competency for this qualification 
Graduation Requirements Minimum C grade average is required for graduation  

Program Organization: 

Course No. Course Name Hours 
SFCS100 Strategies for College Success 20 
ACSW100 Addictions Fundamentals 40 
ACSW200 Social Service Work Fundamentals 20 
PYSC100 Psychology Fundamentals 60 
SOCI100 Sociology Fundamentals 20 
PYSC110 Ethics Fundamentals 40 
ACSW300 Self-Care Techniques 20 
ACSW400 Resources and Networking 20 
PSYC130 Interview and Intake Procedures 60 
COMC150 Professional Report Writing 40 
ACSW500 Family Studies 40 
PSYC140 Mental Health Fundamentals 80 
PSYC150 Behavior Analysis Techniques 40 
SSPR100 Work Experience 100 
EMPL111 Career Employment & Strategies 40 
CARE500 Special Certificates  * 8 hr/days* 80 
Program Total 36 weeks 720 hrs.