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Scholarship Policies and Procedures

Westminster College Is Offering $2000 Scholarship To Each International Student.

Back in the year 2007, Westminster College was already a vibrant hub within our community, offering a diverse array of career-oriented programs that were transforming lives. Our commitment to empowering deserving students in their pursuit of education remained unwavering. Enter the “Westminster Scholarship,” a beacon of opportunity for motivated students to propel their academic journey forward. But that’s not all – we were all about convenience by providing a hassle-free monthly payment option, ensuring accessibility was our priority. For an in-depth conversation, our Admissions Representatives were always ready to offer personalized guidance tailored to each individual.

The call was out to all who met the criteria – an invitation to seize the opportunity and apply for the scholarship. Here’s a glimpse of the baseline requirements:

  • Enrollment in any program (with tuition exceeding $1000) at Westminster College.
  • Holding a valid student number issued by the college.
  • A commitment to using the scholarship exclusively, separate from any other college promotions.
  • The scholarship committee’s decision was final, leaving no room for appeal.
  • The scholarship funds were designated solely for tuition and were non-transferable.
  • Ensuring your application was shipshape and submitted by the college’s designated deadline was a must.

As for the selection process, a multi-dimensional approach was at play:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Financial Standing
  • Active Participation in Extra-Curricular Pursuits
  • Articulate Expression of Ideas and Undeniable Motivation

Here’s a flashback to those key dates:

  • Scholarship application windows opened twice a year.
  • Application Kick-off Date: May 1st and November 1st annually
  • Comprehensive Submission Deadline: June 14th and December 14th annually
  • Drumroll, Please! Scholarship Announcement: July 14th and January 14th annually

Required Documents in the Mix:

  • Fully Filled and Signed Scholarship Form (Download PDF Form)
  • Transcript or Overview of Completed Course Grades
  • Photocopy of a Valid Photo ID
  • A Reference Letter endorsing the applicant, authored by an Instructor or Professional

Ready-to-roll scholarship applications could be zapped over to or hand-delivered right here:

Westminster College Unit 200-10252 City Parkway Surrey, BC, Canada V3T 4C2

Don’t keep those dreams waiting! The scholarship application form was a mere click away on our website. If more details were craved, our lines were open at +1 (604)-588-5880. Your journey was our priority, and we were here to fuel it through our scholarship initiatives.